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  1. 1. Create a new document
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  3. Create a Mac Style Home Icon in Photoshop

1. Create a new document

So now we have two layers with wooden texture but in different heights. Moving onto Layer 2, we are going to turn on Inner Glow. Create a new layer and use the Rounded Rectangle Tool and Ellipse Tool to make 2 new shapes see below. We will call this layer, Green Shape Layer. Now we want to delete the green area that touches outside of Layer 3. To do this, select Layer 3 by holding the ctrl button and clicking on that layer in Layers Palette.

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You will see a selection — dotted lines around the elements — is created. Then cut press delete on the Green Shape Layer. Put another black circle on top of the pool table hole shape, then highlight the back pool table hole using the Brush Tool b.

Creating Icons with Photoshop -

Add the Noise Filter. Last step! Designers, check out these contests so you can start building your career. Get a design. Draw the 1st shape on the 1st layer Take the Rounded Rectangle Tool U , draw a shape then fill it in with color b Draw the 2nd shape Again, with the Rounded Rectangle Tool U draw the same shape but make it shorter than the first wood shape about 6 pixels from the bottom. Use guidelines, if you find it difficult to make both shapes with the same width.

If you copy-paste them you might just not get the full resolution and transparency. The image I'm using had to be adjusted a bit to make it look nice on the folder. Whatever image you're using, it has to be black and white. This is how I did it: First, open the image and double click on the "Index" to make it into a layer. Then, select the black outline of the image.

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  2. Create your base image..
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  4. Now everything should be selected except the outline. Press delete. Now all the color of the image should be gone, leaving only the black outlines with the transparent background. Set the width to 14px and the location to "Center". When you're done with that, copy-paste the image onto the folder. A new layer should be created by doing this. Next, select the black outline of the image using the magic wand tool, and use the emboss filter to make the image look like it's engraved into the folder.

    Photoshop Tutorial - Custom Mac Icons

    Deselect the image, and then reselect it. This time the selection should only be inside emboss, not the whole thing.

    How to save as .ico in Photoshop ( Win / Mac Plugin )

    Now only an outline of the emboss should be left. Now, save your custom folder as a PNG image when it asks you about interlace, select "None". The final step is making it into an icon. For mac there are a ton of free apps that will do this for you, and I'm guessing there are even more for Windows. They represent images or pictures of some representation such as home icon for homepage, telephone icon for contact page and many more that covers the aspects of impressive web design. But creating these icons can be a real pain if you do not have any idea.

    Create a Mac Style Home Icon in Photoshop

    That is why today we are here with 10 tutorials that lets you learn how to create icons in Photoshop. Want to design an awesome button but do not know how to start? Then this tutorial is here to help you out. Create your own amazing button or icon that shines for your application. If you want to create a detailed camera icon then this tutorial is perfect for you.