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  1. 3 Tips to Save (and Regain) Disk Space in Mac Mail
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Because the problems appear to be caused by Apple Mail on iOS for mishandling attachments not just PDF attachments , we currently do not have the solutions to the problems in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Here are workarounds for the most frequently reported problems with PDF attachments. However, it is possible for the person sending the email to prevent the problem from happening when sending an email with a PDF attachment using Apple Mail on iOS.

3 Tips to Save (and Regain) Disk Space in Mac Mail

Adobe Acrobat Reader for iOS itself is not a mail app. It simply launches the default mail app Apple Mail to send email. Note that a PDF preview image appears in the body of the email message. Microsoft Outlook on the receiving side. I am one of only 2 Macs where I work, and everyone else is on PC.

3 Tips to Save (and Regain) Disk Space in Mac Mail

Sometimes they are just embedded; sometimes they are reduced to tiny thumbnails and embedded. But if I send them the file again attaching it in the New Message it appears as attachment to them. But mostly I have to Reply to others and not only send the file, because I have to also reply on the others comments and even I cannot first copy all the conversation from the mail and paste it in the New Message and then send it, only it works if I just press New Message, put recipients, put Subject and attach file and send.

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Frank: It also occurs with new composed mails in my case with gmail with jpg files. I just wonder if images are seen as recreational photos and not as important attachments.

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Jay Budzilowski: My workaround was converting the message to plain text, then attaching the image…. About us News Drink, Drink, Drink.

Contact us. Images sent from a mac as email attachments appearing as embedded on a PC. Also sending images from Apple Mail is extremely slow compared to Gmail with Firefox.