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Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about download, install, and update issues. To become a Creative Cloud member, see Download your creative cloud apps. Many factors, such as your connection type and network traffic, affect download speed. See Troubleshoot download problems. This usually has to do with your operating system and computer. For more details, see Not all apps displayed for download. You can download and install Creative Cloud desktop applications on multiple computers, regardless of operating system.

However, activation is limited to two machines per individual associated with the membership, and you may not use the software on these devices simultaneously. For more information, see On how many computers can I use my Creative Cloud subscription? Troubleshoot Creative Cloud download and install issues Search. Adobe Creative Cloud User Guide.

Select an article:. Applies to: Adobe Creative Cloud. Resolve issues that occur when you download, install, update, or launch Creative Cloud apps.

Apps Download Error Fix - Adobe CC (Mac)

The latest version of Creative Cloud apps do not support some older versions of Windows and Mac. Learn more. Creative Cloud desktop app issues. Error Solution Error , P Occurs when the download is paused and when the server response is poor. See Network and connectivity issues , below. Error , P Occurs when there is a problem with the downloaded file s. Error , P Occurs when network connection is unavailable or server is unreachable.

Error , P Occurs when there is no response from the server. Try after some time.

Try the solutions in the order listed below

See Network and connectivity issues , if the issue persists. See Troubleshoot connectivity issues. Creative Cloud desktop app does not open or hangs during installation See App doesn't open progress wheel spins continuously. Network and connectivity issues. Try the following solutions in order. Check your Internet connection. Configure your software firewall. If prompted, select to allow the Creative Cloud desktop application to access the Internet. If you are not prompted, disable software firewalls temporarily to determine whether they are preventing access Internet access.

See your firewall software documentation for help. Temporarily disable antivirus software.


Comments on “Adobe CC 2015 Direct Download Links: Creative Cloud 2015 Release”, Page 12

Start your system in Safe Mode with Networking. This has happened to me before - on my Windows laptop, when I did the hard reboot, it crashed my hard drive. I had to do a root-level disk repair that took all night to recover from this crash, and I lost all the work I had done for the last two weeks since my last backup - I know, my bad. I also now have the CS7 betas I am an Adobe beta tester, and had some apps that were designated CS7 before they were re-named to CC stuck on my hard drive in some strange kind of limbo. They will not uninstall, and trying to do so leads to the Blue Screen of Death.

My advice to anyone getting this message is, while your computer is still functioning, back up your entire hard disk to an external drive as soon as you can.

Creative Cloud desktop app issues

If successful, I will then try it on the PC. Now to try it on the PC. Why oh why oh why do we have to continually deal with these problems? This is the downside of the cloud and pushed updates. And if the error lies with a program we use all the time, then we lose our custom panels and have to re-set them up again. Can I bill Adobe for the time it takes each time? I certainly can't bill my clients.

Download update error message - Amicuk Programming Answers

If you are facing this issue, the steps to do is kill AAMUpdatesNotifier from task manager on windows and activity monitor on mac. Reboot the system and try installing again. If this doesn't work, follow the advise of renaming the folder and then trying to install. For helping us track the reasons and quantity of this error, can you all mail the PDApp log files from your systems to bhatnaga adobe. This will help us improve our install and update experience immensely. Library folder is hidden inside the user's directory.

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User error. Thank you for checking. Since I have to go in and clean out preferences left behind when I delete software because uninstallers are notoriously bad at deleting everything , or corrupted preferences files left when something crashes, I have my personal user folder in my dock. I Googled how to keep my user library unhidden. So I just go straight to that with a left-click. I hope this is a thorough fix. Hope this helps Kelly McCathran: Question: I removed everything 2 weeks ago with this Cleaner Tool why is this problem happening again?

Sudhansu: Kelly, some times even after removing with the Cleaner tool, some raw files stay in the same location. I have run into this error everytime I try to update CreativeCloud I then open creative cloud, which requires me to update, and then I run the updater which completes without a problem. I hope this works for you Creative Cloud has been such a techinal headache, whereas the CS versions were trouble free for me since !

Thank you! I got the AE error today while downloading the CC update. Your excellent -- and thorough -- fix worked for me! The renaming did the trick, thank you very much.

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I never would have known that in the first place. Why do I have to deal with this in the first place? Right -- I signed up for the cloud, instead of enjoying CS6 as before. But so far, I wish I never had signed up for the cloud. I do not see that bugs get faster [if at all] fixed. I'm happy when the year is over, I will not extend. The cloud has slowed down my work, not much, it it has.

CS6 Crashing Constantly

Two months later, trying to update the CC tool This time, I went through the whole rigmarole all over again. Did surgery to the Library and the root director. Tried to reinstall CC They really, really need to work the kinks out of this distribution model, 'cause what they're doing now is not a good customer experience.

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